Monday, February 9, 2009

Frisbee Golf

We went to visit Chris down in DC on Sunday. We asked that he take us somewhere outside since it was in the 60's.
So he took us to a local park in Fairfax, VA.
This park had a huge lake, trails, and a frisbee golf course.
A picture of the "hole". There are 18 holes, just like a regular golf course.

Here are the men trying to find the basket in the woods.
Sarah giving it a good throw!
Here I am attempting to throw the disc!
This is the "hole". It is a wire basket with chains on a pole.
You have to toss your frisbee from 100 - 300 yards through the woods and land in this basket. Ya, right??
Here is my trio, resting on the last hole. We had a great time.
Thanks, Chris for taking us here.

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