Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cruise 2009 ~ St John's and Halifax Canada

St. John's was a very rainy anf foggy port.
But when you only have one day to see the town you
look passed the weather and make the most of it. We found the Trinity Church a few blocks from the port.
It had beautiful stained glass windows.
While wandering around the harbor we came upon this moose.
There were several light houses along the harbor.
The Three Sisters Lamp is at the end of the harbor.
The story says that three sisters watched for their
husbands to come back from sea at this point.
In Halifax the fog stuck around most of the day.
We walked around the gardens.
Visited the Maritime Museum.
Halifax was an important city after
the sinking of the Titanic.
Many of the surviours and dead were
brought back to land through Halifax.

We took a harbor hopping tour.
We drove past many sites.

Next... Towel Animals...... Stay Tuned!

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Madre said...

Great pictures! I hope you had a wonderful time!