Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

I thought I would give you all a picture
review of all the blessings
from my life this past year.

JANUARY:  Going to visit Dee and Jule is one of my
favorite things to do each year.  I go in the
 wintertime to get my fix of snow. 
January was the last time I have scrapped!!!! 
Yikes..... I have to change that this next year.

FEBUARY:  We went to visit Chris in DC. 
They have a great frisbee golf
course that we play a few times a year
MARCH:  Michael and I braved the crowds
and saw the cherry blossums in DC.
  Great day with my honey.

APRIL:  I drove to Lancaster, PA
to meet up with Jule and friends. 
I just love hanging out with all my
 old friends from CBC.

MAY:  We met up with Kay and Larry
in Great Falls, MD  We hiked the falls and
 had a fun day catching up.

JUNE:  We spent the day in DC.
Christopher took me to the butterfly
exhibit in the natural history museuem. 
Fun family day!

JULY: Two great events this month. 
We went to a Cubs game.  CUBS WIN!
We spent a week up in NY on Sandy Pond.
We had a great time visiting with friends.

AUGUST:  Michael and I took off for Cape Cod. 
My favorite part of
this trip was renting the moped
 on Martha's Vineyard!  We look so silly.

SEPTEMBER:  The best trip of the year
was of course our cruise. 
We hit New England and Canada.

OCTOBER:  Was spent kayaking!

NOVEMBER:  We participated in Dazzle Dash. 
A great time spent with friends. 
Note to self..... make this a new tradition.

DECEMBER:  All the awsome snow
we received this month!  We had fun playing! 

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. 
But the Lord has provided me with sooooooo many blessings.
With unwanted burdens come undeserved blessings.
Thank You, God, that You’re our Father,

Shepherd, Guardian, Guide, and Stay;
How we praise You for the blessings
You bestow on us each day! —Sper

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