Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy 2 Weeks

This week I went to HCC and updated my computer
skills by learning the basics of ID CS4.
 It is a fancy publishing program. 
So if anyone needs a brohure, catalog, or book made,
 I am your gal. LOL

I received a bunch of freebies in the mail recently. 
If you want to get something besides bills in the mail,
go sign up for some free stuff. 
There are tons of stuff out there on the web. 
I put my favorite sites on my sidebar.

Last week I worked at the cold weather
shelter hosted by our church.  I worked in the
kitchen and helped clean the buiding during the week.
It has been cold here in MD and the people were
happy for a place to sleep each night and a warm meal.
Compassion is love in action.

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