Friday, February 4, 2011


This is week #5 over at
This week I chose to organize my pantry
Twirly Thing!

Man, I didn't know I had so much food!

First thing I did was take everything OUT of all my food storage shelves.

This still looks crowded but I placed
BAKING on top and BREAKFAST on the bottom. 
So at least I know what is on the shelves.
Each shelf has a purpose!  No more diggingfor stuff!
A couple questions to ponder:
1. Name ONE reason you want to get organized. It will be neat to see the variety of answers. I organize to make our lives function more easily.
2. What did you organize last week & were you happy with the way it turnout?
I organized my pantry and Now I can SEE what I have to use.
It makes for easy menu planning!

Then I sorted them into categories.  
After that I placed things back on the shelves according to the categories. 
 I then made cute tags to place on the shelves. 
So now it looks like this:
See the cute tags I doodled!

I gathered all my sprinkles in one basket!

I emptied boxes an filled this basket!

and my “twirly” cabinet. 
You know the one in the corner that you spin. 
 I have spun this thing
around and around looking for stuff I knew I bought but couldn’t find. 
So frustrating!    


DannielleSB said...

The twirly thing is called a susan :-)

Question... what is on top of your metal shelves in your pantry?

DannielleSB said...

I had Lazy Susan in the comment originally, guess I edited it out somehow.

Anonymous said...

Looks really good. I love Kashi Go Lean!

Anonymous said...

That was me, allys grandma, not anonymous!

Kristi said...

I love your labels, they are so much fun!

The designer and organizer said...

Great might get more ideas in my blog about kitchen pantry

Anonymous said...

I like it all, even the captions. ; )

as told by: Korleen said...

I'm totally inspired to organize too now! Except I haven't actually gotten around to it. Well actually i have been it just takes me FOREVER and it's my basement so I can't see it. Keep the posts coming!!!!