Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sea Shell Wreath

Over the DECADES we have collected shells from all over the world. We have walked the beaches in Spain, Hawaii, Holland, Caribbean, and Up and Down the East and West Coast, and Gulf of Mexico...... thanks to the US ARMY and to a husband who endulges me in my LOVE to travel!  I have filled jars and bowls with the shells.  But when ever we moved they would go back in the box. 

Supplies: Foam wreath, 1.5 inch ribbon, 22g wire, glue gun and SHELLS!

I saw an idea in Womans Day for a wreath.  I am creating a beach/lighthouse theme in our guest bedroom, so I thought this would be a great addition and I would use up some of those shells I have been hoarding.

This was super easy to create!  Here is how to make it:
Wrap the ribbon around the wreath gluing it down every four rounds.

Yes that it crayon ribbon.  I ran out of the ribbon I bought and was to lazy and cheap to go buy more.
Wrap your wire around the wreath and twist to secure and make a loop to hang.

Hot glue your shells to the wreath.

Add a ribbon and large shell to the back for the pretend hanger.

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KristinRounds said...

Love it!!

Nutmeg said...

Very nice!

as told by: Korleen said...

Loving all the tutorials!!! I'm on a tutorial kick lately!