Monday, October 15, 2012


Last month Michael and I went on a lighthouse adventure to Wisconsin.  We drove up the coast of Lake Michigan and saw 20+ lighthouses.  Instead of boring your with all the pictures, I made a collage.

We ended up in Door County. It is a peninsula of cute little villages.  I use to go there as a child and it hasn't changed that much from the 70's.  
 We stayed at the Bay Shore Inn.  

 The weather was a bit windy to hang out on the beach, but we did see beautiful sunsets and enjoyed the view from the room.  
My new travel companion is this hammock by ENO.  It rolls up into that tiny pocket hanging off the back in the picture.  I can just toss it in my backpack and hook it up along any wooden area.  I was able to just hang out while Michael fished. 

 We drove along the winding roads and visited some memories of my past.
 We ate lunch at the Swedish restaurant.  It was yummy!  I remembered the goats on the roof.
grass roof
 When we first got to the restaurant there was a man mowing the grass.  I thought maybe they didn't have the goats anymore.  But when we came out the goat was up there!!!!  

 We hiked along the shore.  

There were many rocky cliffs to explore.  The best park was Cave Point.  It is a hidden gem.  It had great trails along the shore.  You can walk on the rocks when the tide is low.  

It was a great trip.  Yes, Wisconsin can be fun!  

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