Friday, May 7, 2010


I have been getting ask by friends
how I get all the great freebies each week.
I  belong to a few opinion sites:
Each of these sites have FREE registration. 
Once you sign up, you fill out surveys and they match you to different products.
  They will either mail you the actual product or give you a coupon to go get one forFREE.
 All you need to do to keep all these freebies
coming, is reply to the opinion survey they email to you.

Lately I have been enjoying free stuff from "like"ing
companies on Facebook
They have an offers tab and I have gotten
coupons for free bagels, candy, ice cream... to name a few.

Then once a week I go through my list of freebie
websites and fill out any offers I wish to receive. 

All of these things keep my mailbox full of FREE samples, magazines, and coupons! 
It really doesn't take as much time as it may appear. 
Give it a try and you wll be receiving HAPPY mail soon!

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