Thursday, May 6, 2010

Green Thumb????

I am a perennial girl. 
I plant things that come back on their own each year. 
Bulbs are my favorite. 
But this year my daughter talked me
into trying some herbs and vegtables.
So we planted oregano, two kinds of basil,
 chives, and parsely in one pot
and tomatos an peppers in another.
These plantes were tiny last week and look at them today. 
 It is a little miracle!
I have used the herbs in my spaghetti sauce
and on a pizza.
I added a bird bath to my front yard. 
I can see it from the couch. 
 No birds have taken advantage of it yet
but it is still pretty to look at.
We also put some bushes on the side of the house on the hill.
I love all the new garden/yard additions!

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