Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did you know???

I have some really talented men living with me. The boys got up early (7am) Saturday and built shelving along the back of the garage. It turned out great!

Matthew wanted me to take this picture of the level. He was so proud of his workmanship. Now we have lots of space for holiday decorations and other stuff I can’t part with right now.

The office area is pretty much done for now.  I went through Michael’s Army boxes and pulled out some awards and farewell memorabilia to decorate the room with.  I was going to clear off the desk for the picture but I didn’t want to unorganized Michael’s system.  I organized the books by theme and put travel goodies on the shelves. 

My craft room is done for now.  I painted the room a light teal.  It gives the room an airy feeling.  I took things from all over the house to fill up my room.  Michael made me the two facing tables, the lamps were from Matthew, the dresser, shelves and glass desk are left from Sarah’s room. And the shelving is from somebody’s bedroom back in the day.  In the closet I have tons of room too store paper and other craft supplies.  I never had all my things in one place before.   So it is not so matchy matchy but I love the layout.  Now I just need some crafty friends to come over and craft with me.   

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