Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Annanie Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful Christ filled Christmas.  Here at the Annanie house we were busy doing our favorite things, eating Chirstmas cookies and playing games.  After Christmas Eve church services we gathered in front of the Christmas tree for our yearly photo.  I got a new camera this year so I took a bit longer to get a good shot.  I work better with things that don't move, hahaha.  But I must say Michael and I have some good looking kiddos!

Trying to get Blue in a picture is hard. Matthew and Sarah got him to sit still for this quick picture.

Every year I try to get picture of just the kids. 
 I have given up on the serious picture and enjoy their creativity to make it fun. 

Christopher is into weight lifting right now and wanted to see if he could lift his brother and sister.  He last about one second, long enough to get this picture.

Here are the stockings I made this year.  I bought the stocking for 2.00 at Walmart.  Then I doodled everyones name onto some canvas and hot glued them on.  Do you notice anything different about this picture?????  There is one more stocking this year!  That is because .......

Matthew asked this beautiful young lady to marry him a few days ago.  Let me introduce the future Mrs Sarah Annanie.  She is a wonderful girl and we welcome her into the family! 

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Madre said...

Beautiful family! You are so good about documenting everything with pictures. I need to get better at that!