Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wedding Decorations

So here are the things I am working on for the decoration of the barn.  We are make 12 table centerpieces.  Six will be this popcorn container.  It will of course be real candy.  I just made paper ones to get an idea of how it would look before I purchased them.

The other six will be these glass jars.  I like these much better but I am only able to get six.  They will have M&M's in them along with the other candy.  What do you think?  Pretty fun, right!!!  This will not be your typical wedding reception.  The bride and groom want everyone to relax and just have fun.

Here are the rosette/flowers I have been making.  They are going to hang in all the windows around the room.  See below....

Here is my next big project.  I am going to cut all this fabric into traingles to make banners to hang between those wooden poles.  I found a great deal on the ribbon.  Each of the bags holds 100 yards and they only cost 25 CENTS! 

So this is what I am hoping to recreate.  Wish me luck,


as told by: Korleen said...

everything looks great! We went to a candy themed wedding before and it was really cool AND fun! At the wedding we went to they had white paper lanterns all over. I thought maybe you would be interested in that idea! Not that you really need any help, you're doing great on your own!

Mitchell Family said...

That looks great!! You could also do paper lanterns or those pom pom things. Are you stringing twinkle lights around?? an uncover light bulb would look cool. Like an old tent circus?