Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding Invitations

Well this weekend the wedding invitation shop opened!  Sarah and I gathered our supplies and got to work.  Thanks to her friend Amy who designed the inside of the invitation, they are awsome!!!!  If you need some graphic design work done you can contact her at She is just starting up her business so I thought I would give her a shout OUT!!!

We took the PDF to staples and they printed them out for 10 cents each.  The girls at the counter were oohing and aahhhing over them.  They thought a carnival theme was so FUN!
Next we cut them out and bordered them with colored cardstock. We scored them in thirds and attached the middle of the invite to the cardstock. (It is less bumpy this way when you fold them)

We added a cute Carnival of LOVE ticket to the front and  tied them with bakers twine.

My hubby made these monogram stickers for the envelopes.  Sarah colored them in to match the invites! 
9.00 copys (brought our own cardstock)
8.00 cardstock (white and colored found on sale)
.50 Bakers Twine (used about that much from a 5.00 spool)
7.00 Envelopes
27.00 Postage
TOTAL: for 60 invitations 52.00

One more thing done.  CHECK it off the list......
PS  if you wondering where the RSVP card is, they are doing that online.  Thanks to technology they have their own WEDDING WEBSITE and everyone is going to RSVP online, (saving us probably around 40 bucks). 

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Donna said...

These are fantastic!!! Super job - I love the colors and different fonts and the cutting and pasting and string and coloring and stickers and the......