Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crayon Art

You have seen them all over Pinterest, Melted Crayon Art.  Since it is back to school time, crayons are on sale everywhere in town.  So this made for an inexspencive project. 

So I gathered my supplies and got to work. 

I placed my crayons across my 11x14 canvas.  It took 32 crayons to go across the canvas.

Then I hot glued them down to the canvas. I decided to have the Crayola name facing up. 

I have a silhouette on my canvas so I made a piece of cardboard to cover the area I was drawing on.

Then the fun part begins!!!  I took my heat gun and held it about 2inches away from the bottom part of the crayons.  They started to melt, and you would have thought I had never seen anything melt before.  It was so fun to watch the colors melt and blend.

Make sure to do this over a newspaper.  The wax drips fast and sometimes blows off the canvas. 

I took off the cardboard and drew out my silhouette with a pencil.  I just googled silhouettes and traced her out.  I used a sharpie to fill in the drawing.  Now that I look at her again, her legs are a bit wonky.
My daughter-in-law wanted to make a crayon canvas, so she joined me in the craft room.  She chose an oval canvas.  Isn't it cool?  What a great idea.  She drew a heart in the middle and glued her crayons around the outside of the heart.

Matthew saw how fun it was to melt crayons and decided to help out.  It helps to have someone hold the canvas as you heat the crayons.  They can steer the dripage. 

Matthew decided to join in on the fun and make his own canvas.  Yes, I have a large supply of canvases in my closet.  I buy them in bulk for about 2.50 a piece.  He went with the blow the crayon wax across the canvas technique.

I think it turned out pretty cool!  He named his masterpiece, Crazy Crayon Chaos.

Then Sarah and her boyfriend came over.  Before Brian knew what hit him, Sarah had him helping her make a canvas.  They made a rainbow across the canvas. 

So here are the finished canvases. 
 I think they all turned out fantastic!  Thanks for stopping by my craft room today. 
Now go out and buy up all those
 25 cent crayons and make some ART!
Have a blessed day.


Pamela said...

These are amazing. I'd say those kids have the creative gene birthed in them!

scrapping4me said...

A real family affair!! Looks like everyone had alot of fun!

sa_homespun / Michelle van Wyk said...

OMW.. these are absolutely fanatastic.. great job and such a fun family effort.. well done to everyone.. I especially LOVE that heart one.. have to try that..great job ! TFS !!

Milagros C. Rivera said...

They are absolutely stunning!!! What a great family bond and absolutely gorgeous masterpieces. Thanks so much for sharing the process I can't wait to try it with my daughter!