Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Smashing Travel Case

Over at the Smash-a-holics Facebook page, 
gals have been putting together cases to smash on the go.  
So since I LOVE to travel, I knew I need to make one for my upcoming trip to the Outer Banks.
So I bought my "case" in the cosmetic aisle in Target.

 It has two large pockets on either side and a flat double sided pocket in the middle.
 Now I had to gather my supplies.  Since this is a beach and lighthouse themed trip, I picked out beachy things, along with basic travel stuff.
 I wrapped some various washi around tags so they will lay flat and take up less room.
 I gathered my travel stamps and an acrylic block.  Then I collected all my smashy stuff, papers, journaling cards, stickers....
I put my stamps and inks in one side. 
(There is a ton more room in the pocket)
 I use a regular journal for my travel smash.  
I mainly put brochures, postcards, napkins, 
and whatever else I find along the way into this book.  

 On the other side I put all my 
embellishments and bulky items.
So now while I am sitting in the hotel at night I can just grab my smash case and journal about our day. I love going to visitor centers and grabbing all sorts of things to put in my book.   
I am all packed up and ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

wow brilliant idea, thanks for sharing


Shari said...

I love your travel bag! May have to check those out at target:)

Donna said...

Great idea Carol! TFS!

Lee said...

I love your bag... made one too. Have even used it at home because it forces me to use what is "on hand" without going through all the other stuff I have. When I have used up a lot of stuff, it is fun to replenish and have it ready to go again.