Monday, September 23, 2013

Outer Banks Day 3&4

We visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and climbed the 257 steps to the top!
As the sand shifts and moves, this lighthouse became in danger of falling into the ocean, but in 1999 it was moved.  Yes, they put it on rollers and moved it to a safer location. You can read about the story HERE.

I added a fun 1960's filter to this picture.

 What a view!
Bye bye Hatteras!  We hopped on the ferry and headed to Ocracoke Island. 

We couldn't climb this lighthouse so it was a 
quick stop for a picture.
 The next day we woke up in the tiny town of Edenton, NC.  We checked off another lighthouse and did a bit of fishing.
 Then we headed to my cousins house for a bit of family time.  We only see each other every couple of years, so it is great fun catching up.  
His beautiful wife cooked us some yummy eats!  We left with full tummies and hearts.

We had a great time on our mini vacation.  
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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