Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Smashbook

I use an old journal for my on the go travel smashbook. I use this book specifically to document our days as we travel.  I only use brochure pictures and embellishments I have brought along. 

Then when I am ready to smash my photos, I can pull out this journal and recall our trip.  

I enjoy doing this when traveling.  It gives me something to do at the end of our day.  I can also document things while they are fresh in my mind. 
You can see how I pack my  travel smash case HERE.
You can see all my smash book pages under the tab at the top of my blog.  

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Kristi said...

I keep a travel journal where I document where we stay and eat and what we see, but I love the idea of adding all of those other elements.

Nutmeg said...

Your blog looks great! Like the new colors and layout!