Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Night in DC

Next year the Capital dome will be covered in scaffolding.
 It is getting a face lift after 150 years. 
We spent an awesome evening with our sons and their beautiful wives.  We drove into DC and checked out some Christmas decorations.  

Our first stop was the Capital and the Botanical Gardens.  We went right around dusk so I was able to capture the wonderful evening blue sky.

The gardens were illuminated with sparkling lights and full of colorful poinsettias. 

We wandered around the gardens looking at all the displays of miniature buildings made from natural materials.  You can see all the pictures I took from the gardens by clicking HERE.

They are almost done taking the scaffolding off the Washington Monument 

There was a pretty sunset as we walked to dinner.  We enjoyed some yummy pizza at PI Pizza.

Then we walked down to the White House and checked out the National Tree.  It is covered with thousands of LED lights.  Around the tree are small trees from each of the states and US territories.  On each tree there were ornaments made by children of the state.

 We tried to get some pictures by the tree. It was hard with all the crowds and lack of good light.  If I had my tripod and remote I could have gotten better shots. 

This one is my favorite from the evening.  


This was my attempt at getting a shot of the White House. They have you so far away from the fence nowadays, it is hard to get a good picture.  You can barely see the garland and wreathes that decorate the house.
 On the way back to the car I captured the 
illumination of the Capital. 
It was a fun family evening.  
Next time, our family Christmas pictures.
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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