Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year we decorated a living Christmas tree.  Our backyard needs landscaping, so we decided to buy a tree we can replant in our garden.  It is a Colorado Blue Spruce.  It came in a red pot and it really does look so cute.  I had to choose our smaller ornaments and of course all the kids pictures adorned the tree.  Christopher's angel from Kindergarten was our tree topper this year. 

The kids are all ready to open presents.


Michael got a fun Capitals hat!


Matthew received an Ukulele.  He wants to use it in children's ministry. 

 Blue got his own stocking full of treats!  He was very attentive as Chris opened the bag. 
After church we took our family Christmas picture.  I made everyone wear a Santa hat this year, thanks guys! 
 Since Blue wasn't in our family picture, I had the kids cuddle around him for a picture.  
It was a fun day.  In my next post I will share our family game time.  My kids are great sports to play silly games with their parents each year.  Stay tuned........

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