Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thrifty Decorations

 After hitting the Dollar Store after Christmas sales, I was ready to make some quick winter decorations for around the house.

I used some foam core that I had left over from a past project.  (You could also use cardboard.)  I traced a very rough shape of a heart and then I cut it out with my razor blade.  I made the width of the heart about 2 inches wide.

 I then began to wrap my red garland around the heart shape.  After I was done I could see the white through the garland.  So I ripped up some red fabric and wrapped the heart with it.  Then I re-wrapped the wreath.
It turned out real cute.  My hanger was brown and I didn't like the look of that, so I wrapped that in red fabric too.
 Next up is my fireplace.  As you can see it is HUGE.  I always have a wreath hanging on it to break up all that rock.
 Instead of leaving my Christmas wreath up for the winter, I decided to make a wintery wreath.  Again I used a vine wreath that I had in my closet.  Then I tied on some snowflakes from the Dollar Store.  I made the bow with the same ribbon I used for our presents this year.  I just love the bright red and white colors.  
So there you have it, two wreaths for under five dollars. 
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Have a blessed day.

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