Thursday, January 9, 2014

Washi Tape Snowman

 Today I created a cute canvas for my front hall shelf.  This is my version of the washi tape snowman. (Originally created by Christy Tomlinson.)  I used a 6x12 canvas and a variety of  tapes.  When I make a canvas I use just plain, cheap acrylic paints from AC Moore or Michaels.  I drip the paint around the canvas and smear it around the canvas.  I do use a latex type glove to move the paint.  Then I use a heat gun to dry it.  I use Gesso and a sponge/bubble wrap to add texture (snow) to the canvas.

Then I picked out a nice selection of tapes
to use for my snowman.  I taped them down on the canvas like I was stacking packages or blocks.  I put a good coat of Modge Podge over the tape to make sure they stick down.

Next I took my favorite Faber Castell Big Brush markers and colored/shaded around each of the boxes.  You can use paint for this step too.  

Finally I added stamps, rub-ons, and doodled all over the canvas.  I added some more white sponging around to make it look like it is snowing on the canvas. Don't forget to give your snowman some arms and a cute face.  

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