Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching Up

Love that all my bulbs I planted last fall came up this spring!
 Meg and I got together for a day of smashing.  I made 8 more pages in 365 Smashbook.  This book is all about the seasons and holidays.  I am having a hard time finding things to put in this book, but I am chugging along in it.
So proud of these two!  They are living out their faith and
becoming awesome servants in ministry.

 This one was an Instagram picture that Matthew took while subbing.  Those kids are sure lucky to have him as a teacher.
All my cropping buddies!  I can't wait till next years crop.

 I wanted to document the Olympics this year. Not my favorite page, but it's done!

I love my bird page!  I can spend hours snapping pictures of our backyard birds.  When it is snowing they all come out to feed.  This page already had a pretty bird printed on it, so I knew I would put my birds on it.
 We had a doozy of a winter this year. 
 I lost count of the number snowfalls.  

It was fun working with these ladies to create a
 beautiful evening for fathers and their daughters.
The next two pages are from my
 "Things I Love" Smashbook.
I have learned to love these movies!
I watch them so many times, I can even repeat quotes from the movies.

Here are some of my favorite Apps from my I Phone. 
 I even got my hubby to get hooked on a game.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a blessed day.

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