Monday, April 14, 2014

Cleaning My Dyson

 While I was surfing around Pinterest I saw a pin about cleaning your Dyson vacuum.  I said to myself, "You are supposed to clean them?"  I have emptied the canister and clean the hair off the bottom, but that is about it.

In the eight years I have had this vacuum, I will confess it has never been deep cleaned.  So one sunny spring day I set out to clean my Dyson. 

Now Dyson has many different versions so yours may not have the same parts.  But I think the concepts are the same. Remember not to force any parts off. 
Open your trap door on the bottom of your canister and then take off the screws.  Next gently pull off the handled top.   
 Watch out for the giant dust cloud that explodes all around you!  OK, it is a miracle anything gets clean with this thing, YUCK! 
I took a hose to all of these pieces.  I kept rinsing until the water ran clear.  Then I took them inside and scrubbed them with a soapy toothbrush  
 Next I found the filter.  Never knew it had one, but there are stickers on the machine telling me where it is. OOPS!

That filter is supposed to be blue.
 I brought it inside and rinsed it until it ran clear.  It was like squeezing mud out of that thing. Then I found out I am supposed to clean that thing every six months.  
 So next up is the roller brush area.  Yes, we all probably cut the hair and string off now and again.  But today I am taking the plastic housing off.  

My roller didn't come off all the way, so I had to work around the brush.  

 So I found a couple more parts that came off.  I rinsed and wiped all the parts.  I am leaving them to dry in the sun today.  Then I will let them dry inside for a couple of days.  You don't want moisture inside your vacuum.  
So there you have it!  One sparkling clean vacuum.  I thought it would be a simple task, but it took a couple hours to take apart and clean all the parts.  But now I have a "brand new" vacuum, that should last another 8 years. 
 Well, I hope so anyway.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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