Thursday, April 3, 2014

Young Lives, BIG Stories

Let me introduce to you three special people. These youngsters have grown up in the sub culture called, the military family.  Over looked by the majority of our society, these kids sacrificed along side their soldier parent for the duration of his career.  They moved on average every 2-3 years, attended 6 different schools, had to repeatedly make new friendships, say good bye to many friends and live with the uncertainty of their soldier parent coming home safely.A lot of military children take these changes in stride and some even thrive on them, but it is hard - kids have to rebuild their world every time and find their place in it..
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger in 1986 designated each April as "The Month of the Military Child".  Recognizing the contribution the military child makes as their parent serve our nation.  So if you happen to walk past a soldier and his family make sure not to only thank the soldier for his or her service, but also their children.  

Military posts have many activities for the military family. They have youth services, where young kids can gather and hangout. The bases have pools, playgrounds, bowling allies and theaters. But they don't have mentors.  People that come along side these kids to be a friend to confide in and share their lives.  

Let me introduce this little guy......... Matthew.

You may recognize him from the above photo, but he is somewhat of an anomaly in this story.  He grew up and instead of choosing the path of businessman, family, white picket fence lifestyle, he choose the career of serving as a missionary to military children.   Along with his wife Sarah, they plan to travel and live on military posts in Asia and Europe.  They will come along side chaplins, families and their kids to minister to them.  

How you may ask?  They will be in the schools tutoring, holding backyard Bible clubs, teaching Sunday school, setting up AWANA and VBS programs and so much more.

Quote from their blog.
"We are followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our desire is to bring a smile to His face! We are missionaries to the military children, we trust the Lord will use us to bring hope to their constantly changing world. The hope that they will never have to say goodbye to God, like they do with their friends every two years. The hope that God will never leave them or forsake them, He is a constant friend!"

 But in order for them to move overseas they must raise monthly support.  While they are raising their support they are active in their church ministering to children. 

Here is how you can help:
Pray that the Lord will place supporters in their lives.
Pray that Matthew and Sarah are able to convey their ministry and needs in a clear manner.
Pray that they will trust God for their provision.

Think about becoming a member of their team. 

The name of their mission board is Candence International.

They also have a Facebook Page

The young life of this military child is turning into a great big story for the Lord's glory.  Please share, pin, tweet, text, instagram, call, write.... whatever you can do to spread the word of this ministry.

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