Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Before and After

Friday I put up our Christmas tree. Now we have a artifical tree. Live trees cost on average 15 dollars a FOOT! So this tree has paid for its self already. I love how it pops open and all I have to do is fluff the branches.

It is also real big and ALL our ornaments fit on it. No more having to choose which ornaments to put on the tree. We have 25 years of ornaments from all of our world travels.

Have a blessed day.

The star shines forth in its glory bright
To lighten the gloom of earth’s darkest night;
And Calvary’s Christ will still impart
His comfort and love to the needy heart. —Richey

This Christmas, be alert for the work and presence of Jesus.


Annie said...

She is a beauty!!!!

Madre said...

Where did you find a BIG tree that doesn't require every branch to be put on separately?????