Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Awsome Lunch


Behind these doors is culinary delight! The church staff was treated to lunch at FOGO DE CHAO Brizilian steakhouse. All I can say is that it was sooooooo good and the service was outstanding.

It is hard to explain how it works. You have a round disc. One side is red the other is green. They have a salad bar unlike any I have seen before. Then you flip your disc to green and you are swarmed by waiters offering you every kind of meat sliced right at the table. When your plate is full flip your card to red and they stop offering it to you. Plus endles side dishes. The service was super! My water glass was never empty and my chair was pulled out and in when ever I got up.

I snapped a few pictures to share. If you ever want a special place to go, I highly recommend this resturant.

Have a blessed day.


Nutmeg said...

ooh la la! How nice for you!!

Annie said...

I went to one in Utah and it is so fun. I loved the pineapple they brought to the table. I took Max when he was little. So cool there is one here. I may have to drag BJ to it.