Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tropical Flora

While in San Diego I was in awe of all the beatiful flowers and trees. I was snapping pictures like crazy. I love my MACRO setting on my camera. It really grabs the details. Enjoy.

Have a blessed day.

Without Christ we can do nothing. With Him we can do everything He wants us to do.

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korleen said...

hey Carol, thanks for checking out my blog! I always wonder if anyone looks at it. Sometime I'm going to put up some really big news or something and wait and see if i get any comments. I love all the pictures of your scrapbook pages you have on your's. They've inspired me. I order all my pictures from the previous year each january and spend that month working on my scrapbook. It's my newest system and it works out really well for me. So i guess stay tuned and maybe you'll see some of my work on my blog too! Well take care.