Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For Sale

We have begun the journey of moving AGAIN! We want to move closer to hubby’s job down in Virginia. Selling a house is the worst part of moving. I have a few comments to make to all the realtors and buyers looking at our home.

1. People live in this house. So don’t expect it to look like a model home.

2. Our tastes in color and style may differ. You CAN change these things.

3. Don’t let your children run around and mess up our house. I can tell when you do! Next time you should put ALL our movies back the way they were before your kid took them ALL off the shelves. REALLY????

4. Realtors, when you write your comments please be professional. Could you use a thesaurus to think of another word for CRAP?

That is all for today.
If you want to see our home go HERE 


Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful. I hope it sells quickly for you. The setting/lot is beautiful too. Looks pretty spiffy clean to me!

as told by: Korleen said...

ha! Welcome to MY world (although I KNOW your family is much more experienced then mine when it comes to selling houses)! I can't believe someone came in a let their kids mess up your stuff, that's crazy! I, on the other hand, probably wouldn't notice and blame my own kids! Ha! Maybe Sarah did it and won't fess up! :-)