Friday, July 8, 2011


We had 3 dead trees cut down around
our house.  We needed to protect our home from them smooshing us.  The guys
climbed them and they were up to 150 feet high!

I read a lot of craft blogs.  I got this idea of for a table cloth.  I used it at our 4th of July BBQ. 

Then Sarah came to visit and she brought her beads.  We worked on making some jewelry.   I made this necklace and bracelet.  She was a the first person to share my craft room with me. 

Sarah wanted to learn how to crochet.  She picked it up real fast.  She made her kitty a little bed to curl up in. She picked out a little backpack that was a bit hard for a beginner so I made it for her.  I have never made anything but blankets and a few hats.  So this was a new thing for me.  But it turned out ok.  I may even make myself one some day.

We had all the kids over one night and had a fire to make one of my favorite treats SMORES!  It was nice spending time with all the kids.

It has been a good couple of weeks!

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