Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing Friday

Not sure why this won't rotate?
Over at ORG Junkie Laura wrote about organizing your children's school papers and memorabilia.  I had a tub with each of the kids names on it.  I put all there school pics, writings, certificates and art project in it as they were made.  Then I took the things that would fit in an 8x10 binder and made a chronological book.  I gave each of my three kids a binder at the High School graduation.

I left all the rest of the "big" stuff in their baby box for them to have after I am no longer around. 

Congrats Brenda for winning the Clutter Rehab book. I put in the mail today. This is her organizing tip she shared.

"I have designated give away bags. Bag for my daughters outgrown clothes, bag that goes to my sister, my Mom etc. When the bag gets full it goes to them, and I get rid of clutter, and continue on my organization mission."


Suzy said...

What a great idea! I am always looking for new ways to keep all those papers and certificates and I might just have to copy your idea! Right now our oldest has a big plastic container full :)

Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify said...

Great idea! I need to start something like this!