Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Sports Weekend

We have season tickets to the Redskins so we took in a game.  The seats are way up in the "attic"but it was nice to spend time with friends and watch the game.

Lost Bears fans at a Redskins game.

Then we went to the Nationals Baseball game with some friends.  Yes that is a Cardninal fan next to a Cub fan.  It isn't his fault he grew up in Iowa and lost his way to the dark side of baseball.  We still like him.
Plus we were going to go see the Dodgers play the Nats?????

The best part of the game was watching these guys race.  The giant headed presidents race from the outfield, down the first base line.  It is so funny to see these guys run.  Makes me smile every time!

Hi George!

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