Friday, September 9, 2011

Doodles and Painting

I have been staring at these gesso covered canvases for about a week now.  Stephanie from Homegrown Hospitality has fantastic doodle classes online.  You can also get a lot of inspiration just from reading her blog.  Anyway, I decided to create my little doodle cards onto the big 16x20 canvases.

So I went to AC Moore and tried to match the colors I used on the card with paints.  I painted my background and because I am not a patient person I used my heat gun to dry them.

Next I drew lightly, with a pencil, my flowers all around the brown area.  Next came the filling in of the areas.  It took a long time to paint, dry, repaint, layer, dry....... each canvas.  Then I took a sharpie and puff paints and added the little outlines and details.
Note:  Don't buy the REAL cheap acrylic paint!  They don't cover really well and you will have to repaint the areas over and over!

 Here are the finished pieces!

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Nutmeg said...

Carol, those would look great in my family room!! LOL FANTASTIC job!!! You are quite the artist!!

Dawn said...

Very cool Carol! Someday, when I'm in the empty nest stage of my life, I want to get back into painting! lol