Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 We took a quick trip to Chicago. 
 I spent a couple days with my childhood friend Kel. 
 We hiked into canyons and climbed many, many stairs to beautiful vistas.

We ate at Giordano's!  Yummy thick, sweet, cheesy PIZZA. 

We took the train to Andersonville.  It's history is Swedish.  In my youth my family would go here to eat authentic Swedish meals and bring home tons of baked goods from the Swedish Bakery . 
 So I had to get a variety of childhood favorites.  YUMMY!

 We spent Sunday afternoon at the Cubs game!  As you can tell from our picture it was a bit wet.  They played through the 8th inning and unfortunately they didn't win:(

We spent part of a the day at the Science Museum

On the way back to the hotel
we stopped at The Cloud sculpture.

Walked past the famous Buckingham Fountain

We took an architecture in kayaks!  The river was a lot cleaner than in my youth, but it was still stinky and I felt sticky when the water touched my skin. 
We got a great perspective of all the citys buildings. I have mixed feeling about this tour.
It was a great idea and really fun, but the
river was still too yucky to kayak in.

Love this city!
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