Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wall Art

I have been busy this week making these canvas.  I saw the idea on a craft website.  You can watch a video and read her direction on the site.  Here is how I made mine,

I used two 11x14 canvases
 I bought an old book from a used book store.  I found an old text book on the study of birds.  You could use an old dictionary (sorry I gave mine a way) or encyclopedia pages.  Tear out interesting pages and Mod Poge them onto the canvases. 

You can't see, but i drew my branches on the canvases with a pencil.

I googled bird silhouette's and printed them onto card stock.  Cut them out so you can use them for patterns.

Next I took a Sharpie and traced my branches and birds onto the canvases.

Then all you have to do is color in the branches, add leaves, and enjoy.  I would recommend using a new black sharpie.  Let the first coat dry and go over it again.  I colored mine three times to get it to look really black.


Nutmeg said...

Now that's an idea for that space over my front door! Very Nice!

Donna Lehr said...

Now that's right up my alley! Beautiful piece!