Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rosettes,Rosettes and More ROSETTES!

This past week I worked on making all these colorful rosettes for the centerpieces and windows.  Sarah H. and her friend Niki came over to help. 

All of these will be put in the windows around the barn.  I don't know how many I made.  I just made them until I ran out of papers. 
I used the Martha Stewart Scoring Board to make all these wonderful rosettes.  Below is a video I found on Youtube to show you the general way to make rosettes.  You can just change the width of your papers and scoring to
make all the different sizes. 
These would make fun and easy decorations for all holidays, birthdays, showers..... 
FYI ~ I bought all my paper on sale and raided my friends paper stash so all these rosettes propably cost  around 5 bucks!

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Jay said...

Very cute! Do you think I can use up all my papers making them?