Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedding Banners

Time is flying by and I had to get busy making these banners for the reception decor.  I gathered the supplies to start the banners. 
 First I traced about a billion triangles and then cut them out with my pinking shears. 

I was left with all these wonderful triangles.  I found ribbon at the Hagerstown Ribbon Outlet.  I bought bags of 100 yards for a QUARTER!  Yes you read that right, twenty-five cents.  I grabbed several bags. 

I pinned the triangles to the ribbon and began sewing them all on.  Thanks Sarah A. for letting me use your sewing machine.  Mine is on its last leg and I didn't want to fight with it.

I cut out some cute hearts to jazz up the white triangles.

I pinned the finished banner to my tablecloth to see how it looked.  Not bad....... You have to picture all the colorful napkins, and centerpieces.  But I think it will work.

Then I made a few little banners to hang around the room. 

I used my Cricut to cut out all the letters!  It made it so much easier!!!!!  Next on the agenda, rosettes!   

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