Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding Shower

Last week I had the pleasure of going to my soon to be daughter (in law's) wedding shower.
She is so beautiful with her little crown! 

Her friends made really cute decorations!

Yummy drinks and treats were served!  So you see her necklace??  It was made from gumballs.  Her friend drilled each one and made everyone necklaces!  Pinterest is a wonderful place to find party ideas.
 Sarah was showered with many gifts. 
My favorites were the rainbow knife set
and the designer crockpot.

Back in the day you would tie your present with a bunch or ribbon and bows.  An old wives tales says, "the number of ribbons you break, is the number of children you will have."  But with the introduction of gift bags, this tradition has fallen to the way side.  But we were able to gather enough bows and ribbons to create a nice wedding rehearsal bouquet.

Here I am with both my Sarah's!  Not sure how this is going to work when we are all together at the house. 
I am truely BLESSED!

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