Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait is a tiny port that the cruise line & local village built up for cruise passengers to explore.  It was not much more than a rocky beach, nature trail and a few shops and restaurants.

So after climbing the mountains of Skagway, we decided to sleep in and go ashore after a late breakfast.  You can read about the people of this village HERE.

We hung out on the shore.  Michael fished from the shore and caught a salmon on his first cast.  So I wandered around the area taking pictures and chatting with other cruisers.

We saw a couple whales!

An Eagle flew overhead!

Then we took a break from fishing to walk the nature trail.  As we entered the forest it reminded us of where Shrek lived.  Temperate rainforests are so GREEN.  We found some more Skunk cabbage.  There were a lot of unusual roots growing along the trail.  The trail ended at this pretty little pond.  It wasn’t accessible for fishing. 

Do you see the heart?

NO fishing allowed, sad day.

There was a clan house with totem poles in the little village area. 

We headed back to the shore and fished the other side of the harbor.  I was able to take a good picture of the ship from this side.

O' wait, that isn't our ship.Here it is!

Gorgeous day for just hanging out!

See I told you Shrek lived here, wink;)
Next stop Ketchikan. 

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