Thursday, June 14, 2012

Juneau AM

We made a stop in the Capital of Alaska, Juneau.  You can only get to Juneau by plane or boat.  Locals say they have a road out of town but it ends in 50 miles.  It is literally a road to nowhere, hahahaaaa. 

We traveled by the Glacier Express (Blue Bus) to Mendenhall Glacier.  A round trip ticket was 16 dollars and by far cheaper than the cruise ship excursion.   Walking around the glacier was free, but if you want to go in the visitor center it will cost you 3 dollars. 

This visitor center was at the foot of the glacier when it was built. It was amazing to see how far the glacier had receded.

They had QR codes on signs along the trail. Since I have an Iphone now I scanned it and it provided a guide with Ranger Travis explaining what we were seeing. So cool!

Today was cool and we had a light drizzle during our hike.  But after a few miles it felt good.  It was neat to see the icebergs close up. 

We hiked the trail to Nugget Falls. At one time these falls were behind the glacier flow and made an ice cave.

Then we head back to town on the Blue Bus.  The ship was docked right on the main street, so we hopped back on for some lunch.  

I didn't want to make this post too long so I will save our afternoon activity for my next post. 

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Cindee said...

Love the photos---looks like you had quite an adventure!!