Friday, June 15, 2012

Juneau PM

After our lunch on the ship we headed to our next tour, ziplining!!!!!!We had never done this before so we were both a little scared.  I had investigated all the different companies in Alaska and felt this one was the most eco friendly and safest.  What do I know???  I’m jumping off platforms 100 feet off the ground, crazy! 
Those helmet are not going to save our skulls when we plummet to the ground.  They are to protect our heads from the branches.

We picked  Alaska Zipline Adventures.  Again we booked this on our own.  It saved us $40 each doing it this way.  The ships excursions are convenient but not the most economical.  Plus we were not in a large group.  In fact we were the only people in the group.  So we had a private tour.

 The crew was so friendly and professional. They took our safety very seriously,
but made it super fun at the same time.

Ben and Alicia were our guides.  They 
were great kids, sorry young adults.  I told them
I would mention them on my blog.  So here it is guys,
enjoy your five seconds of fame. 

The guides told us about the rainforest and all its plants. This is Skunk Cabbage. I saw it growing in other areas on our trip and felt really smart when other people would say, “I wonder what that is?”, and I knew the answer. They showed us how to tell the trees apart by looking at the bark. Something about bacon being the hemlock and eggs being the spruce?????

Notice the double cable. That is one of the reasons I picked this company. I guess I felt if one broke the other one would save me.

 Hannah is next to me in this picture.  She is going to be an intern with this great company this summer.  Lucky girl!  Michael dozed off for this picture, hahaha.  Wake up, we have crossed the suspension bridge! 

Good thing I left my high heels at home! 

Anyway, we weaved our way through the forest, took a break for some warm blueberry tea and crossed a cool suspension bridge.  The time flew by and we had an exhilarating time.

Before they took us back to the ship, Michael tried his hand at ax throwing. Michael hit the bulls eye on the first try! He got his picture taken for the Hall of Fame wall.
 (It’s on Facebook too.) All that wood chopping for our wood stove paid off.

Ben even threw his first one!  Way to go!
If you are ever in the Juneau area make sure to check out Alaskan Zipline Aventures.