Thursday, September 6, 2012


The latest fad in the scrapbooking world are called Smash Books.  Yes, it another concept to get you to buy more product!  You can read about them at K&CO SITE.  But I like the idea of the smash book so I decided to make one last year for all of our travels.
I used a spiral journal from Target and I am covering it with stickers from all of our destinations.  Then on the inside I put all of our tickets, brochures, napkins..... and journal about our day.  This also helps me remember when I go to make a scrapbook page later. 

This page is from we did the Embassy crawl around DC.  I glued down the map and front of the brochure.  Then I made the flag a flap and put pictures from their brochure and a wrapper from the Polish candy they handed out.  These are all thing that I would keep but not necessarily put on a scrapbook page.  So now they being used.

Here is a page from our trip to Alaska.  The left side is a placement.  Again brochure pictures and our ticket.  These pages are super fast. 
I bring this journal with me on all our trips.  I carry a pencil case with pens, stickers, and a glue stick.  I create each page at the end of our day in the hotel room. 

Now I did break down and buy a SMASH brand book at Michael's.  It was on sale and I had a coupon too, so I didn't feel so bad buying one.
This book is about things I love.  I went through all my pictures and have a stack to, as the say, "SMASH".  The front cover is made with Washi tape.  It is a decorative tape that comes in hundreds of patterns and colors.  
This is my title page.  I am not sure it is finished.  It just needs something.......

I just opened my book to a random page and made this page.  If you know my scrapbook style, you know this is way out of my little box.  I am very linear and rarely do it tilt anything.  But I had fun making this page.  I like how fast the pages come together.  This will be a great book to look back on someday.
I am going to put all my pages under the SMASHBOOK tab on the top of my blog. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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