Tuesday, February 12, 2013

St. Maarten

 Today we woke up to this beautiful sight outside our window.  Welcome to St. Maarten.

 Today we took a trip on a sailboat to do some more snorkeling.  It was nice because there were only 12 people on the boat.  We sailed along the coast to a bay and we snorkeled for about an hour.

 I don't have any good fish pictures from to this trip because there just wasn't that many fish to see.  I was a bit upset that it was such crumby snorkeling.  Then I told myself to stop whining because we are swimming in the Caribbean Sea around all this beauty! We are so blessed to be able to go on such a trip.  
We swam back to the boat. They opened up the sails and cruised for about another hour along the islands shore.

After our boat trip we took a ferry to Philipsburg.  By that time of day it was very warm.  We walked around the few blocks and then decided to go back to our nice air conditioned room.

Here is my favorite picture from the day.
 I love the cedar siding, the windows and the teal  color on the doors.  
Well that wraps up our three port days.  The rest of our trip was spent at sea, on the boat.  We filled our time playing games, eating, sitting in the hot tub, eating, working out in the gym, eating, watching shows, eating, crafting, chatting, watching the sea go by and did I mention EATING!  It was a great trip with friends.  
Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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