Thursday, February 21, 2013

St Thomas

 We woke up to a beautiful day in St Thomas.  It is much warmer now and the seas are a beautiful blue!
Today we went on a kayak, hike and snorkel adventure.  We took an eco tour through the protected mangroves in Cas Cay.  

 Here is Blue Heron hanging out in the trees.  These trees are very interesting because they grow in the water.  You can read more about them here.  
Then we stopped at an island and snorkeled for awhile.  We saw a many fish.  

Not sure what this guy is eating??

 Along the mangrove trees are millions of these little fish. Then when you look farther in the roots the big fish are hanging out.  Very cool!

After our snorkel, we hit the island.  It was covered with hermit crabs.  It was the most unusual thing I had ever seen.  When you looked down at the ground it looked like it was moving.  There were sooooo many crabs.  It was creepy, but interesting at the same time.
 We had a hermit crab race.  Some people picked up a crab and put it in the circle.  Then they drew a larger circle around that and when you made noise, they started crawling.  

Can you guess which crab won????  He was a fast little guy!
 Then we went for a little hike on the island.  It was so beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by................ Next stop St. Maarten.