Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mason Jar Lights

Here is another little project I made for our patio.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Here is the original LINK I have a bunch of mason jars, so I thought this would be a prefect way to use some of them this summer.
 I wanted make a "chandelier" for under our umbrella.  So I cut up a wire hanger and bent them into hooks.
 I bought 3 dollar lights from Lowes and took them apart.  I used glue dots and stuck the top of the light to the jar.  I used wire and wrapped it around the jar and then made a handle.  That way no weight is on the light.   I found some cute ribbon and covered the wire.
 After sitting in the sun all day they lit up our table great!
Here my attempt at a long exposure.  
As you can see they lit up the area nicely.
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