Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lighthouse Smashbook

 I began another lighthouse scrapbook this week. This is my fifth album of pictures from our lighthouse adventures.  This time I decided to use the Creative Chaos smashbook.  
Michael and I have visited 138 lighthouses in the US and Canada.  Every year we try to squeeze in a trip to see some more.  This last trip was to the shores of Lake Michigan.  You can read about our trip here
I don't collect knick nacks from our trips. I just collect a photo from each lighthouse and put them into albums.

 One good thing about this trip was that Michael was able to fish on all the piers, while I was busy taking pictures!

 Lighthouses are for the most part located along beautiful shorelines, making it a great time to relax and enjoy time together.

Thanks for taking a peek into one of our
 travel obsessions, visiting lighthouses!


iowajewel said...

amazing! that is so awesome love all your pages!

Beth Neiden said...

Love your book!! What a great idea!! I too love Lighthouses and have many pictures of the ones we have visited!! Thanks for a fabulous idea!!

Jill said...

Love these pages!! I am originally from Prince Edward Island, there are many great old lighthouses there, have you been there??

Nutmeg said...

So so smashy!!! Great pages!! You are on a roll!!

Sharon said...

Wow, awesome lighthouse pages! I love lighthouses too!!