Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend in Review!

We had a busy weekend.  The Chicago Cubs were in town so we called up some friends and spent the evening at the ballpark.   

 We ate in one of the stadiums restaurants called the Red Porch.  It is located in center field. We had a great view of the players practicing before the game.  The company and food was awesome.

 Of course I had to try to get a picture with one of the presidents.  I don't know why Abe kept covering up my Cubby hat.  He is from Illinois and has to be a Cub fan. 
Teddy was wandering around the stands.

It was a great night at the ballpark!

On Saturday we headed to Europe!
 Well not literally, but we enjoyed a day exploring some of the embassies in Washington DC. It is called the EU Open House. All of the EU embassies open their doors to visitors.  You get to take a peek inside the buildings, learn about their culture, and taste some of their foods.
 Here we are at the British Embassy.  They have a four acre property filled with cobble stoned walkways, beautiful gardens and wonderful buildings.

As you go through the property you were given all sorts of goodies.  We ate lunch at Union Jacks and had Bangers and Cottage Pie.
 At the Netherlands Embassy we tasted yummy cookies and marshmallows.     
We saw their traditional dress and learned that there are more bicycles than people in Holland.  
Nothing much going on in Denmark.
Belgium was our favorite!  It was the longest line but well worth the wait.
We ate waffles and received samples of chocolate, sugar, cookie spread, beer, fruit juice and some reusable bags.

We finished our day at the Austrian Embassy.
They were giving out samples of wine and cheese.
We also tried some yummy Apple Strudel.

I had a great Mother's Day!
I spent some quiet time at home with these two wonderful kiddos.  They spoiled me all day.  

Talking on the phone with my son in Colorado and receiving these beautiful flowers also brightened my day.

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