Sunday, March 30, 2014

House Keeping Tip

As many of you know we supplement our heat with a wood stove in the winter.  I love the smell and the flicker of the flames.  What I don't like as much is keeping the area clean.  I am constantly cleaning up ash and soot.

 After a week of fires the glass is covered in soot and I can't see the flames so much anymore.

When we first moved in (being a wood stove newby) I tried to clean the glass with glass cleaner.  Well that didn't work. So I googled "how to clean fireplace glass". I love google!

Well I didn't beilive the answer I found.  It said to get a damp paper towel and dip it in the ashes and then rub the glass.  
Really???? Ewwwwww

It really works!
 So if you have dirty fireplace glass, 
use this handy tip to keep it clean.

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