Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Miss Daisy

This little dog is so cute.
Daisy played cards with us last weekend.(wink)
She watched all the girls leave at the end of the night.
Then she curled up in my bed and kept me warm all night long!!!!!!
Love this doggy!
Daisy said, "I am only on Phase 3, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Will this game ever end???????"
Have a great weekend everyone. Try to stay warm in this ridiculously cold weather.


Dawn said...

That is an adorable picture of Daisy. She is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing my Daisy. I need a copy of that picture (window). By snail mail -please!

jule said...

That last comment was me - Juleann. I must have hit the wrong thing- I am new to this blog thing. you know me- technically challenged. Notice the typing???