Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlstick Maker....

When we were in Wiliamsburg, we met a variety of tradesmen and women. 
We learned that it was a lot of work to live in the1700's.
Here is who we met:
The Coffee House barista. 
 Boy that was one strong cup of Joe!

The Apothecary. 
You could walk in and get any
concoction made with out a doctor’s script.

The Wigmaker. 
Only 5% of the population could afford to wear a wig. 
They were status symbols.

The Silversmith. 
He would take your silver coins (no banks back then)
and make them into useful items such as silverware.  

The Tailor. 

The Blacksmith. 
They could make about 60 nails in an hour. 

Behind the blacksmith shop were men
creating shingles for homes they were building. 
1700’s Home Depot.

The Basket maker. 
Every woman learned how to make a basket by their mom.

The Spinner.  Made yarn from sheep wool. 

The Wheel maker. 
He constructed one wheel in about 40 hours. 
 If taken care of, they would last decades.

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omg, that looks like so much fun!!! those are fab pix too! hope to see a layout with them!