Friday, January 21, 2011

LINENS Busting out.....

See that Power Ranger towel sticking out.  It is worn to threads and my boys are in their 20’s.  I think it is time to purge and make this space work better for us in this century!
Questions to ponder:

1. What areas did you organize this week?

I organized my linen closet this week. I have been stuffing things in it since moving in the house four years ago. It is time to purge and share with others.

2. Where you happy with what you accomplished or disappointed?

I was happy to be able to give away the 12 SETS of German lace curtains I have been collecting for the past 26 years. I changed my FB status to read “Anyone want my lace curtains?” A friend jumped right on it and showed up at my door with in the hour. She was so happy, she had grew up in Berlin and wanted to replace some of her curtains that have worn out. I was also able to give away two sets of girl sheet/blankets and a chenille bedspread I have been hoarding since my childhood (I never used them).
Since we moved so much I have tons of curtains that I made. I went through and donated many to GW.

3. What types of piles would you like to get under control?
My craft area is covered in piles. It is on my list…..


Stop by to read about all the great organization ideas.

Now the big Reveal!!!!!!
I used Space Bags to put all the linens I am going to give
 to my son when he gets a place of his own.

Folded all my towels and organized them by color.
Put my sheets together by bed size.
Now it is a manageable area. I feel I have lightened my load if
we ever downsize to a smaller place.


Alexandra said...

Great job!! The linen closet looks so good. Can't wait to see what you do next week.

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

looks fab! great job!

Suzy said...

It looks so nice! I love a neat linen closet! From my I learned that my 9 year old is definitely NOT in need of sheets :)

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Awesome job.
What happened to the Power Rangers towel :)

danae said...

talk about transformation! and don't you love the feeling of literally being "lighter" because you own less stuff?!

correspondent said...

Great job getting that linen closet under control. So happy to hear Space Bag was able to help you organize the extra linens for your son. Just wanted to let you know that Space Bag has an online community dedicated to helping people save space and get organized. You may find some of the articles and tips at helpful when you tackle other organization challenges, like your craft supplies. Feel free to visit the Space Savers community and take advantage of our special offers and advice for members.

Take care,
Space Savers community correspondent